• Dale Dougherty Dale Dougherty

    Topic: Making More Makers

    Bio: Founder of MAKE Magazine and creator of Maker Faire, co-founder of O\'Reilly Media.

  • Jim Newton Jim Newton

    Topic: Building Your Dreams

    Bio: Jim is an uber-DIY’er and lifelong maker. A serial entrepreneur, Jim holds several design patents and created TechShop because he needed a place to build his own inventions. Before founding TechShop Jim was a BattleBots competitor and former Science Advisor on the Discovery Channel’s top hit show MythBusters. Jim spends much of his time on-site and enjoys helping TechShop members with their projects. He also enjoys baking sourdough bread, camping, and dreaming up new project ideas

  • Kickstarter Saturday Lunch Panel Kickstarter Saturday Lunch Panel

    Topic: A collection of successfull kickstart projects

    Bio: Durring the lunch break on saturday. Members from several different kickstarter projects - all of whom started out in Techshop -will share their experiences about what worked and made them a success.